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Pale beers at Wigan Beer Festival 2013 | Print |

See below for the list of 51 'confirmed' pale/amber beers at Wigan Beer Festival 2013, together with tasting notes (as at 20th February) :-

4Ts : Return of the Citra (4.2%)
Refreshing and citrusy mmmm.

4Ts : Stack (4.2%)
A balanced session ale.

ABBEYDALE : Dr Mortons ‘latest’ (4.1%)
A pale refreshing hoppy brew.

ALLGATES : Palisade (4.1%)
A single hopped pale ale,  piney and lemony; very nice!

ALLGATES : Florida (3.7%)
An easy drinking and refreshing pale ale brewed with pale and crystal malts combined with a delicate combination of Pioneer, Styrian Goldings and Polish Lubelski hops to give light bitterness and citrus aromas.

ALLGATES/PROSPECT : Joint Venture (4.3%)
Titivate your taste buds with this collaboration made with 6 hop varieties from around the world.

BANK TOP : Backbridge (3.8%)
A new session ale from this well liked local brewery.

BANK TOP : Blonde (5.0%)
An extremely pale ale made with New Zealand hops resulting in a pleasant woody flavour and distinct berry aroma.

BATEMANS : Yella Belly Gold (3.9%)
A golden colour, refreshing beer brewed with lager malt and Chinook and Cascade hops, giving a lovely citrus flavour and aroma, which is quite dry and very moreish.

BLACKEDGE : Pike (4.0%)
A pale ale with a distinct hint of citrus hop flavour. Named after well...the Pike.

BLAKEMERE : Cosmic (6.0%)
Strong IPA, with plenty of citrus notes in its taste.

BLAKEMERE : Freshly Squeezed (3.8%)
Bright golden ale which has a light hoppy character.

BLINDMAN : Golden Spring (4.0%)
Award winning fresh and aromatic straw coloured beer, brewed with using selected lager malt.

BOWMAN : Swift One (3.8%)
A pale, golden quaffing ale with excellent flavours for its strength. Pleasingly hoppy throughout without being aggressive and also possessing of a fine aroma. The finish is dry with a small twist of sweetness at the end.

BRIDESTONE : Pennine Gold (4.3%)
This was their original brew, and continues to be their best seller. The beer has a good bitterness balanced with a citrus fruit hop flavour, and continues to be hugely popular.

BURSCOUGH : Duke of Lancaster (4.0%)
A robust amber best bitter. Full flavoured with a noticeable blackcurrant finish from the use of bramling cross hops late in the boil.

BURSCOUGH : Old Habit (6.0%)
This spiced ale is full of winter’s seasonal flavours.  Deceptively strong but easy drinking, A real classic!

BURTONWOOD : Ale Capone (4.1%)
Especially brewed for the untouchables, a true session ale.

BY THE HORNS : Bobby on the Wheat (4.7%)
A very hazy yellow coloured beer with a whitish head and lacing. A zesty wheaty aroma and taste.

CASTLE ROCK : Sweet Woodruff (3.7%)
An easy drinking light bitter with added vanilla!

CLARENCE & FREDERICKS : Smoked Red (5.4%)
Light smokiness in the malty body a touch of damp bonfire and smoked bacon. A malty fruitiness develops although staying bitter.

CLARKE’S : Classic Blonde (3.9%)
Clark’s best selling ale for last 10 years.

COACH HOUSE : Pineapple (5.0%)
Classic bitter with added pineapple flavours.

COACH HOUSE : Toffee (5.0%)
Like supping a pint of “BlueBird” toffee bitter and malty

CROSS BAY : Halo (3.6%)
Classic english pale ale : starting with a spicy marmalade and orange rind aroma, that’s sure to please real ale drinkers. A smooth and light body follows, transforming on the palate, into a refreshing blend of pleasant hoppiness. 

CROSS BAY : Zenith (5.0%)
Zenith is a reasonably strong IPA, which is light and refreshing in colour with a distinct tropical aroma.  Zesty fruit flavours are followed by a hefty kick from the triple blend of hops, which makes this ale particularly special.

CROSS BAY : unnamed (5.6%)
 A new brew from this Lancashire brewery.

CUMBERLAND : Corby Blonde (4.2%)
It has a pronounced hop character with clean hop flavours and aromas. It has a well balanced flavour derived from the finest Maris Otter Malt and English aroma hops, giving a full bodied drink with a pleasant hoppy after taste.

DARK HORSE : Hetton Pale ale (4.2%)
A well balanced, full bodied golden pale ale.

DORSET : What a Flanker (3.8%)
Brewed to celebrate the Six Nations. A medium bodied, golden ‘rugby club’ style bitter with a complex hoppy nose and smooth palate.

DOUBLE MAXIM : Wards Best Bitter (4.0%)
Still brewed using the same ingredients and the same unique process it has always followed since 1840 a traditional Yorkshire bitter.

DURHAM : White Stout (7.2%)
The first modern pale stout. At a strength of 7.2% this is a true stout. Indeed, few modern stouts of any colour are true to the word for strong.

ELLAND : Eden (4.2%)
Award winning pale golden, well hopped session beer made from Chinook Hops blended with American Cascade to give a clean long fruity finish.

GELTSDALE : Brampton Bitter (4.0%)
Golden amber with a thick head and a malty-fruity aroma. Nutty, somewhat metallic character. Mellow finish.

GRAFTON : Bannanalicious (4.5%)
A dark golden beer made from a mix of pale and pearl malt and hopped with goldings. The addition of bananas in the final boil gives a big fruity yet nutty taste.

GREEN JACK : Orange Wheat (4.2%)
A light golden ale, with grainy citrus & marmalade flavours. ‘Orange’ is a big favourite, one of our best selling beers at 4.2%. This delightfully drinkable wheat beer is enjoyed by men and women alike. Now brewed with Citra Hops!

HARVIESTOUN : Bitter & Twisted (3.8%)
Taste is malt with grapefruity-lemony hops, hoppy bitterness in the finish. Crisp and fresh.

HOLTS : IPA (3.8%)
A very pale, traditional, English ale with relatively high bitterness and a fragrant hop aroma.

MEDIEVAL : Knight Hood (4.2%)
Amber ale with a deep flavoursome hoppy taste.

MORDUE : Northumbrian Blonde (4.0%)
A new blonde ale. Fresh and zesty with a hoppy lemon / grapefruit aroma.

O’HANLONS : Diablo (6.0%)
Big sweet flavour, lots more ripe bananas, bready malts, yeast, hints of berries. Medium bodied with fine carbonation. Sweet finish, more bruised and ripened bananas, some brown sugar, vague hints of spice and dusty cocoa, bananas, demerara sugar.

OSSETT : Yorkshire Blonde (3.9%)
This pale coloured ale is full bodied, well-rounded and slightly sweet on the palate. A generous late addition of Mount Hood hops result in a delicate fruity hop aroma.

OUTSTANDING : Standing Out (5.5%)
A pale golden ale, dry and bitter with a good load of aroma hop thrown in to the production for good measure. Dangerous!

PROSPECT : Blinding Light (4.2%)
A pale and refreshing beer with citrus and spicy notes.

PROSPECT : Whatever! (3.8%)
A pale intensely hopped beer made with 4 different hop varieties, giving a grapefruit aroma and taste.

SADLERS : HopBomb (5.0%)
A powerful Indian pale ale, brewed with American Amarillo and Citra hops. A balanced malt sweetness supports the epic hop aroma and flavour explosion.

SALAMANDER : Rosey Cheeks (4.2%)
Copper-coloured session ale.

SOUTHPORT : Golden Sands (3.8%)
A classic pale refreshing session ale.

WELBECK : Cavendish (5.0%)
A gorgeous blonde beer laced with zesty notes of grapefruit. This beer showcases the fresh zing of Cascade hops without being over powering - the high strength and simple Maris Otter malts give great balance.

WORSTHORNE : Some Like it Blonde (3.9%)
A refreshing blonde style beer. At 3.9% ABV, this beer has a delightful hoppy aftertaste; achieved using a blend of European and New Zealand hops. This beer, appeals to those new to real ale, as well as seasoned drinkers. Marilyn Monroe inspired the name - and why not?

YORKSHIRE DALES : Butter Tubs (3.7%)
A pale golden beer with the dry bitterness of a session ale with a citrus flavour from the late hopping with Cascade whole hops.

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