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Local Brewery News (2008) | Print |


All Gates Brewery : 4 seasonal brews Santa’s Coming (golden/amber 4.2%, which was brewed last year at 4.4%), Winter Warmer (4.4 ruby), New Year’s Ale (4.0% copper coloured) and Metrohopolis (3.9% amber). The breweries has now produced a total of 500 beers and are marking the occasion with a commemorative beer called Quingenti (D)

Mayflower Brewery : 2 brews planned for next week Yule Be Lucky (a 5% dark spicy beer which Alan brewed last year), and another - possibly be a new brew.

Prospect Brewery : Patsy has now produced 3 brews of Clementine, as well as another festive beer Pickaxe. The last couple barrels of Toothpick (6.5%) are at the Crown. Ditchie & Salty’s Big Brew to be produced under the name of Big Brew with a new pump clip showing a miners brew can in keeping with the mining theme adopted by the brewery. The ‘secret’ programme filmed at the brewery last summer which we have been awaiting for months is due to be shown on BBC2 on 13th January.


All Gates Brewery : Rob Wright, Sales Manager was made redundant and left on 31 October. Brightblade is still available and selling well. Hung Drawn and Portered is also available for the early part of November. November specials are - Some Like it Hopped (ABV 4.5%) ; Cask of Zorro (ABV 3.7%) ; Metrohopolis (ABV 3.9%). Still no news on the bottling plant but work has begun on the general layout/images for the labels. Allgates will be a sponsor at the National Winter Ales Festival in Manchester.
Mayflower Brewery : Their new beer 'Autumn Gold' ABV 4.5% which is very good and selling well. Alan has just brewed Black Diamond mild which is one of his favourites.
Prospect Brewery : Patsy has brewed her Christmas beers Pickaxe and Clementine. Two barrels of Clementine have already been distributed. One to a beer festival in Sheffield and the other to the Crown at Worthington. Big Adventure brewed for bottling to be available when the TV series comes out in January. Private commission from a dentist for a special brew - 6.5% dark beer called 'Toothpick'. Some left and available at the Crown at Worthington.


All Gates Brewery : current seasonals are ‘ Caskper’ 3.8%, Golden,’Festivale’ a 4% Light ale made with Japanese hops and brewed especially for the Wigan Food & drink festival, and ‘Robo Hop’ 4.3%, only one batch brewed. Old favourites ‘Nightmare on Ale Street’ (5.3%) and ‘Hung Drawn & Portered’ (5.2%) have also been brewed for Halloween.

Mayflower Brewery : Latest brew is Autumn Gold 4.5%. Mayflower brews will regularly be available at the Sandbrook whilst Alan Brannigan, the brewer, is caretaker manager there. There will also be a selection of beers from the Scottish & Courage beer list.

Prospect Brewery : a ‘one-off’ beer was produced for the recent festival at the Crown @ Worthington called ‘Pie & Beer’. Old favourite Clementine has been brewed and is maturing nicely for Christmas. A brochure featuring a range of Christmas gift packs is shortly to be available. Prospect beers are now available at the Continental at Preston, the New Hall Tavern in Salmesbury and the Trackside in Bury.


All Gates Brewery : current seasonals are ‘ Pursuit of Hoppiness’ 4.1% pale & hoppy, ‘Maltrix’ a 4.2% Golden Ale, and ‘True Grist’ 4.3% Pale/Amber using Pilgrim Hops (a first for Allgates). A recent special using a variety of left over hops was called Keystone Hops.

Mayflower Brewery : due to the recent move to the Sandbrook Alan has not been brewing but has plans in hand to get together with Stewart Thompson (the former Mayflower brewer) to produce a dark winter special.

Prospect Brewery : the brew made ‘on air’ for Century FM (at the request of the DJs it is currently named Ditchy & Salty’s Big Brew) is selling well and likely to be a regular brew, though possibly under a different name. Patsy has also affiliated to a new ‘brewery tap’, the Crown @ Worthington which plans to stock Silver Tally as a regular beer and other Prospect beers on a rotating basis.


All Gates Brewery : the plans for a dedicated bottling plant are on hold at present . New seasonal brews are : Mary Hoppins , a 3.8% copper beer; Enter The Flagon, a 4.4% copper, and Bar Beer Ella, a 3.9% beer. On days when the brewery gets ahead of scheduled production they are occasionally reviving archived brews – so far have done ‘Bottoms Up’ but due to popular demand from Wigan CAMRA plan to do ‘Bright Blade’ next so watch this space !

Mayflower Brewery : mixed news – the bad being that due to a transportation glitch the brew of Douglas Valley did not get to the Great British Beer Festival & the good (for local CAMRA members at least) being that this means that we are likely to see a bit more of this beer around than of late as Alan’s production of beers had been limited since he took over the White Lion and what had been produced had generally gone to the Royal Oak and he will now be marketing the beer planned for the GBBF to local freehouses.

Prospect Brewery : Pasty has been getting media coverage with the beer ‘105.4’ a particularly light beer planned to be a one-off brew. Other new brews within the last month have been ‘Big Adventure’ & ‘Giants Hall’, a golden beer named after the Standish Lower ground pit. Whilst we are really enjoying all of Patsy’s stock and summer beers many of us (including Ken and I) are wishing the summer away (what summer I hear you say as I look at the rain outside ?) waiting for her to brew her Clementine winter ale. More good news is that Patsy is now doing a wide range of bottled beers and will also be bottling Clementine and will be selling Christmas gift packs – though would you really love anyone enough to give Clementine away ? I’d sooner give away a whole packet of Rolos !

JULY 2008

All three of our local breweries will be participating in the Great British Beer Festival next month :-

  • All Gates Brewery will be featuring Shining Light
  • Mayflower Brewery is sending Douglas Valley
  • Prospect Brewery is providing the award winning beer from our 2008 festival Blinding Light plus some of their other bottled beers.

This goes to prove that whilst we may not have as many breweries within the borough as some CAMRA branches, the three which we have are amongst the country’s best microbreweries. They deserve our support so we would encourage all our members to drink Loc-Ale whenever they can – after all this is not only supporting local business but also being carbon efficient !

JUNE 2008

All Gates Brewery : in addition to their regular beers they have 3 new seasonal beers Caskaway @ 4.1%, Scubi-brew 4.2%, and Pussy Galore at 4.4%. Plans are being drawn up to expand operations to a new bottling plant, brewery shop and offices in the former motorcycle shop around the corner from the Anvil to be overseen by a new business director. The Anvil and some other local outlets have been benefiting from various Allgates brewery ‘swaps’, particularly welcome has been the recent trade with the York brewery. Allgates beers are also now regularly featured at Blackpool’s Pump & Truncheon if you happen to be there and get homesick for a pint of the proper stuff.

Mayflower Brewery : Douglas Valley bitter, Alan’s very first beer brewed to his own recipe, is to be featured at this year’s Great British Beer Festival and he is understandably quite proud of this accolade. Alan has also been asked to brew a special beer for a stall at Medieval Fayre which is to be held at the St Thomas Church across the road from Alan & Tracey’s pub (the White Lion in Upholland) – see local events for more info. Proceeds from the sales are to go to charity (which is St Thomas’s Church Funds).

Prospect Brewery : the recent new brew ‘Nutty Slack’ is to join the regular range of beers produced. Blinding Light (4.2%) which was produced especially for the 2008 Wigan Beer Festival and was the bronze award winner in the light ales category is to be added to the bottled range (available in Chadwick’s emporium and some other select local outlets). Patsy also plans a new light beer called Giants Hall.


All Gates Brewery : Three new brews for March, all with a film theme, are - Hop Gun 3.9 ABV Light/Golden, Pump Fiction 4.3 ABV Dark/Copper, Carry on Drinking 4.4 ABV Pale/Straw colour. They have also solved their previous brewing problems with Hung Drawn & Portered and produced some recently.

Mayflower Brewery : brewing re-commenced last Friday with Douglas Valley Ale available at Wigan beer festival.

Prospect Brewery : Patsy's brew for the Wigan beer festival is Blinding Light. All beers (including Blinding Light) are available in 500 ml bottles and are 'bottled conditioned'. The bottled Blinding Light will not be ready before the festival and go on sale afterwards.


All Gates Brewery : their special charity event and mini beer festival begins on Friday 18th January. The new Allgates beer which is being brewed specially for the pub and includes a donation of 10p from every pint sold for Wigan Hospice will be available. The brewery is expecting to produce a stout as its January seasonal beer.

Mayflower Brewery : not currently brewing due to the drain problems at the Royal Oak.

Prospect Brewery : Patsy’s new beer Open Cask will be available at Bent & Bongs festival. We
have noted an increase in outlets stocking Prospect brews as part of their guest range including the Turks Head in St Helens and the Smithfield in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.


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